Adrenal Support

Adrenal Support

Our adrenal glands are part of our endocrine system or hormone system and play a big role in energy, sleep, stress, immune function, and our ability to adapt to different situations. The three major hormones the adrenals release are cortisol, our stress hormone, Epinephrine and norepinephrine, our fight or flight hormones, and aldosterone that can help control blood pressure through retaining sodium.

The adrenals become affected when we burn the candle at both ends- that is we live a busy lifestyle without enough rest, replenishing of nutrients, or reducing stress. When we are under continuous stress or experience an extremely stressful situation the adrenals try to keep up by producing adequate cortisol. Over time its ability to do so diminishes. If you have adrenal fatigue you may experience fatigue, crash in energy mid-day, feeling of being wired and tired at night with trouble staying asleep, increase weight especially around your trunk, dizziness when standing, cravings for salt, and poor immune function. Supporting the adrenals is key for optimal wellness. At Wildcraft Medicine We run salivary cortisol testing to assess the functioning of your adrenals and support it with the right nutrients and adaptogenic herbs. When the adrenals become out of balance you will often see other hormones take a hit like thyroid hormones and sex hormones. Addressing the hormones together is critical for optimal hormone functioning.

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