Balancing Hormones Naturally and Bio-Identical Hormones

Herbs and Hormones

There are many herbs that can influence and help heal the endocrine system. I try to use this approach first. For example Vitex for supporting progesterone, DIM for helping the liver metabolize estrogens, Rhodiola and Eleuthrococcus for supporting the adrenals, Fucus for thyroid support. Herbs can help by gently yet effectively supporting the body to produce its own hormones appropriately. It is also critical to address nutritional deficiencies as often there are deficiencies in major precursors to these hormones. For example selenium and iodine are key in making thyroid hormones. If there is a deficiency in either or both of these minerals then sometimes just correcting these can help regulate thyroid hormone production. For people very low in their hormones sometimes glandulars are helpful to use. This involves using supplements that besides precursors and herbs to help support hormone production have cells and tissue of endocrine organs from animals. As a society we have cut down tremendously from eating organ meats. Organ meats directly support the same organ in our bodies. Thus instead of sending my patients to eat organ meats, which I know most would not do, we can use glandulars- supplements with the organ cells we need. When using herbs, addressing nutritional deficiencies and using glandulars has not helped then we may turn to bio-identical hormones. These are hormones that we get from a compounding pharmacy that are made from human based hormones. Hormones typically prescribed from general pharmacies are often hormones from other animals or synthetic and do not support our bodies well.


Balancing hormones can be tricky as it involves looking at all the hormones and how they are talking to each other. It may take time to find the right treatment protocols that work best for your body. it is important to follow protocols and be consistent so it becomes easier to tell what is working and what is not. This will allow me to make the next necessary recommendations. Overall herbs and natural therapies work very well when it comes to balancing hormones. Things that may make treatment take longer involve stress level, environmental toxin load and exposure, like heavy metals,  and chronic illness.