I approach naturopathic medicine with the understanding that the body is intelligent and therefore symptoms are messengers guiding us to the root cause of disease. I guide you to support this natural intelligence so that wellness is long-lasting and requires fewer interventions. When I investigate your health history, it is with its prenatal and intergenerational origins in mind. Before becoming a physician, my field of study focused on healing generational trauma with the goal of nervous system integrity. Nervous system integrity creates resilience which is required to maintain health.

I earned a degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 2019. My undergraduate study was in psychology at the University of Hawaii. Psychology and the role of the mind and emotional health are foundational in how I view human function and guide my patients. I have studied and am certified in oriental energy medicine, yoga, and massage therapy. These eastern healing systems add physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to my approach to care.

I have been known for prescribing specific yoga postures and meditation techniques to patients along with classic naturopathic interventions, such as herbs and dietary recommendations. I also enjoy leading group classes in detoxification and reconception planning, with other programs in development. One of my passions is retreat medicine where patients can have fully immersive experiences so long-standing patterns can unwind, paving the way for something new to emerge.

I have resided on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2004 and currently enjoy island life with my husband and two small children. Naturopathic medicine really is a lifestyle and it is fun to weave the principles into daily family life. Watching a three-year-old drink up fish oil and grab spoonfuls of chlorella is exciting. It is exciting because I know how health in the most formative years of life impacts both health span and lifespan in their entirety. Supporting the next generation with everything they need to live their potential is preventative medicine at its finest!

My clinical interests include but are not limited to perinatal care, pediatric and infant care, hormone balancing for men and women, menopause, sexual function, digestive health, longevity, mental and emotional regulation, nervous system balance, immune system integrity and balance, chronic inflammatory diseases, chronic pain, cancer care, and idiopathic disease.