What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopaths are medically trained Doctors who attend a 4 year accredited Naturopathic Medical school. They are primary care doctors that can run labs, diagnose, and prescribe a variety of supplements, nutrition counseling, herbal medicine and prescription medication (with supervising MD in the state of CA). They specialize in treating the whole person, getting to the root cause of disease and supporting the body as naturally as possible.


Do you take Insurance?

Naturopaths in the state of California cannot legally take insurance. We can provide a superbill which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement, however not all insurances companies will cover visits, supplements, labs, etc. It is up to the patient to find out from their insurance what it will and will not cover. Payment is due at the time of your visit.


What can my Insurance help out with? (If it’s not covering the visits)

With a superbill some insurance companies will cover all or part of a Naturopathic visit and other insurance companies will not cover any part. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the visits, it may cover the labs you run. Coverage depends on what lab company is used- they all have their own policies. Often the lab company will ask for a copy of your insurance card front and back and will either cover all, part of the lab or none. They often ask for a payment upfront and if your insurance doesn’t cover the rest, that will be the only amount you are responsible for covering. If the lab does not take insurance then payment is due at the time of submitting your sample (blood, urine, saliva, stool). Talk to your Naturopath about using your insurance with running labs. You can also call the lab company directly to find out about insurance policies.


What steps do I take to become a patient?

To become a patient at Wildcraft Medicine you can call our office to schedule a new patient consult at 858-255-8244 or you can schedule online by going to wildcraftmedicine.com clicking on “Work with us”, then “Schedule now”. Choose which doctor you would like to see and what time and day is available and works for you. Once you are scheduled you will get an e-mail about your visit and another one inviting you to create a Patient Health Records (PHR) portal through Charm Health. Please do this ASAP. Once you have an account you will log on and can fill out the new patient paperwork and sign the consent form, which is under the Questionnaire tab. You must complete these forms 24-48 hours before your initial visit.


How do I see my lab results and treatment plans?

At Wildcraft Medicine we use a Patient Health Records (PHR) portal called Charm Health. When you become a patient at Wildcraft Medicine you will receive an e-mail inviting you to create a username and password for Charm. From here you will be able to log on and see your lab results, (under labs tab), treatment plans and even fill out the new patient intake form and consent forms under the Questionnaire tab. Please make sure to create this account ASAP once you become a patient as this is the main way of communication with your doctor and tracking your health journey.


How should I get my previously run labs and imaging to my Naturopath?

Again the answer is Charm Health patient portal! You will get the e-mail to create an account when you become a new patient. Please fill out the New patient intake form and sign the consent form. You can also upload labs and imaging or other health documents you’d like your Naturopath to have.


How long does it take for my lab results to come back?

It really depends on which labs we have run. Some take 1 day while others take 3 weeks. The doctors will call you once the labs are in to schedule your follow up appointment.


If I can’t make an in-person visit can I still be seen?

Yes! We love to see our patients in person and feel like we can connect better, do physical exams and have an overall clearer idea of what is going on, but we understand that sometimes it’s hard to make the drive or you may live in another state. Therefore we do offer phone and Skype consults. You can schedule these appointments by calling the office at 858-255-8244 or online at https://www.wildcraftmedicine.com/ then going to “Work With Us” then “Schedule Now”. There will be options to choose for phone, skype or in-person visit. Please choose the appropriate option. Payment does not change based off in person or virtual visit and is due at the time of your consult.


How do I communicate with my Doctor if I have a question?

If you have a quick clarifying question you can either try calling the office at 858-255-8244 or you can message your doctor through your Charm Health patient portal, which is HIPPA compliant. The doctor will respond within 48-72 hours or earlier. If your question is multiple questions that become detailed in nature, the doctor will suggest a 15 minute (at least) consult to answer your questions fully.


Is There Parking?

Yes. There is a parking lot in the office complex. The spots that are along Pearl st are designated at 45 minutes parking spots while the spots closer to the building are 15 minutes. Although these spots are designated for less time then a new patient consult there is not much regulation of the parking lot. If you feel more comfortable you can park on the street.