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“In order to have a healthy garden, you must start from the seeds and the soil”

Preconception Planning

Preconception planning involves working with both male and female partner to optimize their health before they conceive. It takes about 4 months for sperm and ovaries to fully develop and thus preparing for pregnancy for at least this long is critical. This ensures that your baby will not only be healthy now but grow into a healthy adult. Not only do we pass on all our genetic make-up to our offspring, but also all our toxic burden; especially to our first born.

Pre-pregnancy Cleanse For Optimal Fertility

With appropriate planning you can help prevent passing on unwanted toxins to your child, reduce the risk of miscarriage and optimize your babies health to prevent future health issues like allergies and autoimmune conditions.

What does this entail? A pre-pregnancy cleanse will help:

  • Balance your hormones to better your chances of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term
  • Help you lose, maintain, or gain weight in order to become and stay pregnant and optimize your energy
  • Detoxify any toxic build-up we acquire from environmental, food, and occupational exposures
  • Supply you with the nutrients you need to help support your developing baby as well as maintain your own health
  • Emotionally and energetically get you ready to bring new life into the world!

Fertility and Preconception Programs

Getting pregnant has become more and more of a struggle and my goal is to work with couples to help support them in conceiving as naturally as possible and support them through the pregnancy. There are times when more intervention is needed like IVF, but I can help prepare your body mind and soul to improve your chances of success. If you and your partner are working on getting pregnant and want to optimize fertility, call to schedule an appointment!

Hormone Balancing

A lot of preconception and fertility health is focused on hormone balancing. It is critical to make sure both male and female are producing the appropriate hormones at the appropriate times. Hormones are chemical messengers in the body. They are released from endocrine glands and tell the body what to do, and when to do it. They are most known for controlling things like ovulation, metabolism, blood sugar regulation and sleep patterns.  We will dive deep into how all your hormones are communicating with one another as well as look into other aspects that can affect fertility like toxic load, stress levels, infections, lifestyle, and diet.

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