Therapeutic Gemstone Energy Medicine

Therapeutic gemstone energy medicine involves using pure quality gemstones with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to help influence the body, mind, and energy of an individual. When there are energetic blockages it prevents the naturally occurring resonance of our being from functioning properly. This can lead to mental clouding, emotional stress, and even physical ailments. By clearing these energetic blocks and balancing the qi, we can allow our bodies to be in harmony. The gemstones are a tool; a way to transfer energy, and help influence our own energies in processing deep underlying thoughts and emotions. They also work great on the physical body for pain, helping to support detoxification and relaxing the muscles.  The crystals along with acupressure on the meridians can be an extremely beneficial way to address the root cause of any ailment or simply to help heighten one’s own health.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and $100.