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Prevent Burn Out

We live in a time where we are go go go and constantly trying to get ahead at work, lift more weights at the gym, and join more networking groups. In our free time, we rarely think about taking time to slow down, rest and reflect. If you work hard and work out even harder then it’s critical to make sure you support your body properly. La Jolla San Diego Athletic Health Consultant says, “The key is to have balance.” This will help prevent burn out, make your recovery time more effective and even increase your performance both physically, mentally and even emotionally. Exercise is an amazing way to burn calories, support a healthy cardiovascular system and increase endorphins but it can also be a stressor on the body. After a while, this stress adds up and it becomes harder and harder for your body to keep up.

Adrenal Support For Energy

The adrenal glands in particular, responsible for releasing cortisol (our stress hormone), is often the first to become worn down. When this happens we often feel fatigued, have poor sleep and a decline in our immune functioning. Adrenal insufficiency also starts to affect our athletic performance. It’s like trying to race a car with the E light on. Adrenal fatigue is one of the major contributors leading to burn out. Luckily there are many natural ways to support the adrenals.  Give them the right nutrients to produce hormones and using adaptogenic herbs to keep them running efficiently and give you your energy back! If there is stress in your life and you don’t have tools to manage it then your adrenals could suffer.

Nutrition Plans And Optimal Health

Besides the adrenals, there are other systems that are key in supporting athletes wishing to optimize their health and performance.   We may run labs to assess the thyroid that controls metabolism, look at sex hormones (that influence muscle mass, fat mass, and energy), gut health, cardiovascular system and circulation and overall inflammation levels that may interfere with recovery.

Diet is hugely important for athletes. Food fuels the body. If you want your body to run like an elite athlete then you better be fueling it appropriately. Nutritional plans are key for this, making sure not only your calorie intake is adequate and appropriate for your goals but also making sure you are getting enough protein with each meal, healthy fats, and food from clean sources. We may run a nutrient test looking for any nutritional deficiencies.  This will help us understand more of what your body specifically needs (and why your energy may be low). From there we can continue to tailor your supplementation and diet to make sure your deficiencies are corrected and work on your gut to make sure you’re absorbing your nutrients appropriately. Let’s get you running on high gear, call our La Jolla San Diego Athletic Health Consultant today!

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