One of my favorite modalities is called biotherapeutic drainage. It is the ultimate way of peeling back the layers of your health to address the original root cause and drain all the complexities along the way to clear imbalances. It works by addressing different organ systems and fixing their physiology (way your body works and functions).

With this way of practicing medicine, it doesn’t matter what the disease or symptom is because we do not focus on chasing these things. Instead, we look at the pattern of how your body deals with toxins, stress, illness and then help to make you work more efficiently. This will ultimately make you feel better, stronger and have more energy.

Drainage vs Detox

Drainage is different from detox in that it allows for opening up the pathways in which your body gets rid of toxic buildup so it can naturally drain at its own speed. With Detoxification, we push toxins towards organs of elimination like the liver, kidneys, lungs, and colon.  However, if these organ systems are not working optimally, we create a backup in the system and you feel worse. This is a common feeling with going through detox programs- feeling more tired and drained. With drainage protocols, we don’t push your body to do anything too quickly. The body to go at its own speed so that there is no extra stress on the organ system. It is a powerful but gentle way of stimulating the body to heal itself.

Biotherapeutic drainage involves using different homeopathic combinations of herbs, metals, minerals, and nutrients.  These are easy to take and easy for your body to absorb on a cellular level. Besides supporting the physical body they also help to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and even energetic body as well. To read more about La Jolla San Diego biotherapeutic drainage treatment, visit

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