Therapeutic Gemstone Energy Medicine

La Jolla San Diego Energy Medicine Sessions involve using pure quality gemstones with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to help influence the body, mind, and energy of an individual. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of free-flowing energy called qi. When this energy is blocked, it prevents our bodies from functioning properly.  The consequences are far-reaching and may negatively affect mental clarity, emotional well-being, and physical integrity. When the energy blocks are removed and qi is allowed to flow freely again, the body regains function and experiences harmony.

The gemstones are a tool to promote energy flow and movement. The process can influence your personal energies, your thoughts, and your emotions. The gemstones are also effective in alleviating physical pain, and they help detoxify the body. The use of crystals and acupressure along the meridians can be one way to alleviate ailments or to heighten one’s well being.

La Jolla San Diego Energy Medicine Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost $100.

La Jolla San Diego Energy Medicine

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