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Immune Support

Whether you have recurrent bouts of illness or approaching flu season we can help strengthen and prepare your immune system to fight infections. When we do get a cold or flu it is critical to allow the body to fight the illness through mechanisms like sleep, rest, hydration, fever, and fasting. Getting sick once or twice a year can actually be a reboot for our immune systems and make them stronger. We can guide you to support your bodies defense system naturally to allow for this immune memory and strengthening to occur rather than just suppressing the symptoms with fever reducers.

If you are able to rest and hydrate adequately the healing process is much more efficient.  You can get back to your regular schedule more quickly.  For those struggling with multiple, recurrent illness we will dive deeper and look at what the immune system is struggling with.  Is there a chronic, underlying viral infection, a compromised gut, or even just physical mental and emotional stress? We will help you heal the immune system using immune modulating herbs, nutrients, and correct inflammation pathways. This way your body can learn to fight off the infections itself. The body has an innate ability to heal itself and sometimes we just have to clear out the obstacles that prevent this natural process from happening.

Detox (Drainage) Packages

In addition to determining the basis for your fatigue and illnesses, we offer Detox (Drainage) programs that can help reset and cleanse your system.  It will increase your energy levels, manage your weight fluctuations, and better your sleep pattern. These programs detoxify by draining toxins from cells, tissues, organs, and body systems.  Please contact us at the La Jolla San Diego Immunity Center to learn more:

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