Laura Presnall is a Health Coach and founder of Balanced Bombshells, which teaches you how to optimize food, fitness, and your lifestyle to naturally balance hormones, de-stress, and live a life that is true to you. Prior to starting Balanced Bombshells, Laura worked for nearly a decade in fundraising and event planning in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area. After reaching mental and physical burnout from her career, and looking for holistic ways to get rid of PMDD, that’s when she found the magic of cycle syncing and balancing her hormones.
Laura first found the Wildcraft Medicine team in April 2020 when she was six weeks pregnant with her son and struggling with low progesterone and thyroid function, after having a miscarriage. Since then, she’s been a patient of Dr. Emily’s and thoroughly appreciates having a naturopath doctor as part of her health care team.


Laura also consults with other health brands and provides marketing, branding, and business strategy support. She recently relocated from San Diego to the Denver area with her husband, son, and two fur babies. You can find her hiking, drinking matcha, and creating delicious gluten, dairy, and sugar-free recipes.