You’ve probably heard many different perspectives on how to support your immunity in the upcoming months. But here’s what you might not know: When the immune system operates from a balanced state it is most ready to take on stress, toxins, and infections.

On top of a healthy lifestyle, there is a myriad of herbs and vitamins that will support the body’s natural processes and healthy responses to preventing and fighting infections. The good news is, we’ve done the work for you by putting together WILDCRAFT MEDICINE’S NATURAL FIRST AID KIT, a synergistic blend of herbs and vitamins to support a balanced immune system and overall health.

The Natural First Aid Kit is for those who

  • are traveling during the holidays
  • are looking for ways to support the body through the common cold and flu season
  • are struggling to decide the optimal combination of supplements and vitamins to support immune balance
  • want to take the guesswork out of choosing the right immune balancing formulas
  • want to be prepared to support immune function if they get the common cold or flu

We know it is going to be a very different holiday season and we want you to feel supported and empowered in your health.

Dr. Emily Hernandez, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Natural First Aid Kit

Your complete kit of supplements & vitamins to support your body & health this holiday season:

  • Elderberry Zinc Chewable helps immune function.
  • Biocidin Throat Spray helps support healthy throat tissue.
  • Immunitone Plus herbal formula supports immune function.
  • Vitamin C with Flavonoids potent antioxidant and antihistamine. supports detox pathways.
  • Instructions on how to use
  • TSA approved travel bag

Price: $97 pickup / $105 shipping

Kids Natural First Aid Kit

Ensure the little ones are getting all they need for a balanced immune system with supportive vitamins and herbs.

  • Little DaVinci Immuni-Z + Elderberry Chewable supports Immune Function.
  • Biocidin Throat Spray helps support healthy throat tissue.
  • Herb Pharm Kids Immune Fortifier herbal formula helps support immune function.
  • Carlson Labs Kids Chewable Vitamin C potent antioxidant and antihistamine supports detox pathways.
  • Instructions on how to use
  • TSA approved travel bag

Price: $87 pickup / $95 shipping


Price for both kits: $167 pickup / $175 shipping