Wildcraft Medicine

The 5 Dimensions of Health: Part 4- Spiritual Health

Spiritual health refers to our connection to the spirit. It can be to our own spirit, our spirit guides or to the higher infinite spirit that connects us all. Having spiritual awareness allows us to find meaning and individual purpose in our lives and live in a way that reflects our morals and beliefs. Our spirits make us who we are on a elemental level. How we act, think, feel are all based on our spiritual selves. Spiritual health is heightened when we can spend time alone and reflect on our lives and daily events. Use this time to check in with yourself, be honest and true to your needs and also to simply observe life with all its ever evolving dimensions. Spirituality also allows us to connect with each other. We are very social creatures and the feeling of coming together as a community to share in this ritual can be very nurturing. I recently started going to a spiritual awareness chapel every Sunday and can feel a transformation happening. Spiritual health is immensely important in order to be an active participant in your life instead of just going through the motions. Life really is all about the day-to-day cherishable moments so go ahead find a quiet space and reflect!