The 5 Dimensions of Health: Part 5- Energetic Health

Every living thing exudes an energetic field that extends out at arms length around the entire body and inward. It is made up of a unique system of interconnected fields of energy and information. It is how we communicate with other living things on a subtle energetic level as well as internally with ourselves. Each being gives off a naturally occurring resonance that is unique and makes up the blueprint of our energetic selves. We can be easily influenced by the energy around us. It is important to be aware of our own energetic makeup as well as the effect we feel when exposed to other energies. Have you ever walked into a room with a very cheerful atmosphere and felt uplifted as well? What about a room full of grief?

This energy we have running through our body is what makes up our vital force; our life essence, and it determines our ability to heal and stay healthy. There are different places where energy is concentrated in our bodies like the 7 chakra system, but overall our energy should be flowing freely and evenly through a meridian or channel system. When there is an energetic blockage this can lead downstream to emotional blockage, mental blockage and even physical blockages. And so when these subtle internal frequencies are shifted due to environmental circumstances, stress, experiences, or interactions with others the shift creates a domino effect through our different dimensions of health. These shifts can be for the greater good or may be causing a blockage. To help maintain free flowing internal energy check in with yourself on a daily basic. Try to scan you body for any deficiencies, excess or blockages. It may take some time to determine what these feel like but the more you tune in the easier it will become. Some ways to help energy flow include yoga, Tai Chi, Qi gong, gemstone energy medicine, Chakra balancing, meditation, and medical hypnosis.