Your Initial Visit:

Your initial visit will be 80 minutes long (1 hour and 20 minutes). However, your first visit starts with the new patient paperwork (all electronic), which you will be required to fill out and return at least 48 hours before your actual visit. During your visit, we will talk extensively about your health concerns, your past medical history, family medical history, but also your lifestyle and what makes you, you! We want to get to know you so we can best help you succeed in your health journey.

We will talk about any diagnostic tests and labs that need to be done and go over an initial simplified treatment protocol. Labs and tests are of additional cost and each one depends on what test and lab company we are using as well as your insurance. All lab payments go directly to the labs. Often there will be a testing kit you will take with you to do saliva, urine, stool or even blood work. For blood testing, we have a mobile phlebotomist that will come to your home or work to draw blood for you.

Initial Consults are $300

Your Second Visit:

Your second visit is a follow up that may be either traditionally 45 minutes or you can opt for an extended follow up depending on how many labs and test we ran and need to go over which is 60 minutes. During this visit, we will discuss in detail what your lab results mean and how they may be affecting your health. It is at the end of this visit that you will get a detailed comprehensive treatment plan based on reviews from our first visit in combination with your lab results.

45 minute follow up’s are: $170

60 minute extended follow up’s are: $225

Third Visit And Beyond:

From here we typically see patients every 4-8 weeks where we will see how you are doing with your protocol, what has changed and tweak anything in your protocol to keep up with these changes. Depending on what we are working on it may take 3-4 months to heal and see changes or for some more chronic issues 1-2 years. This estimated timeline will be discussed with you at your appointments. Although we can give you an estimated time for your treatment length, each person heals at different speeds and we will ultimately work with you until the process is complete. Healing and health is a lifetime process so often we are working with patients on and off throughout their lives. It may be on similar types of issues throughout life or as maintenance and tune-ups. We are all about prevention as it is easier to prevent chronic illness than treat it.

The Fertility Program

The Fertility program is a way for both partners to be seen and addressed to support the fertility process. As they say…”It takes two to tango!” We will go through a complete medical history of both partners, run labs for each (for an additional cost of labs) and go over how to cleanse and prepare your bodies to become pregnant and maintain a viable pregnancy. This will involve balancing hormones, addressing weight imbalances, looking at nutrition and getting on healthy eating lifestyles. We will also look into things like how stress can affect pregnancy and tools that help support this, how to clean your home of toxins and chemicals you may not know may be affecting chances of pregnancy and of course what supplements each individual needs to support their own health and future baby!

Initial visits for Fertility Program are 2 hours at: $550

Follow up’s for Fertility Program are 1 hour at: $275

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