The Wildcraft Approach

Crafted by Nature for an Optimal You

What is Wildcraft Medicine?

Wildcraft is a term used to describe gathering herbs and plants growing wildly in nature, that are unadulterated or purposefully harvested. This is how our ancestors used medicine from the earth to heal each other. They gathered these plants to form remedies that could heal all sorts of ailments. Our craft is in taking this ancient wisdom in combination with our advanced scientific knowledge of today to create a holistic and unique protocol to heal and enhance your health and well-being.

Our biggest, most important job in guiding your healing process, is to LISTEN!

We act as detectives in how we ask questions, listen to answers, and understand how each health concern is intricately connected. We peel back the layers to better understand where the imbalances are coming from and what the root cause is.  When you have any type of “symptom”, this is just a way of our body telling us there is something out of balance. It doesn’t tell us why or where it is coming from. This is where we step in. We are here to help uncover why these symptoms are happening and treat them at the origin to allow for full resolution and state of well-being.

At Wildcraft Medicine we recognize that each of you are unique

(and wild), individuals and we aim to treat you this way! By putting the pieces together we look at the whole picture and treat you as a WHOLE person. Health is multidimensional and we want to make sure you not only feel good physically but also feel good emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically! Healing is a process that your body is innately capable of doing. We are here to strategically guide you in the right direction by providing you with natural and holistic support to optimize this process. Our goal is to support your health so you can live up to your highest potential and live your most optimal life.